Hilti products and technology

Designed to make construction sites safer and more productive

Innovative technologies to protect the health of construction workers

We understand how hazardous construction sites can be, whether you’re working at heights or in difficult-to-get-to corners. That is why we follow a well defined Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) process along the development of new products to systematically work on health-safety and environmental relevant aspects of new systems or products. This not only keeps construction sites safer, but it also saves time onsite, keeping builds productive and on time.

Our innovative technologies are designed to help with the following:

  • Dust
    Our Dust Removal Systems (DRS) vacuum dust efficiently right at its source. We also offer alternative working methods such as direct fastening.

  • Hand arm vibration
    Hilti's Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) reduces vibration by two-thirds compared to conventional technologies. It also helps to avoid related health problems and allows our products and tools to be used for longer.

  • Working at heights
    Working at heights is one of the most common causes of injury in the construction industry. Our systems can help, including our cordless power tools, our laser measuring and alignment tools.

  • Ergonomic products
    All our products are designed to be ergonomic, which means for example well fitted hand-grip design, optimized weight and balance of the tool, application and handling oriented product design.

  • Noise
    Noise onsite is a serious risk to hearing loss, and we are continually working to reduce the noise levels of our tools and technologies.

  • Green building – Clean-Tec
    Our own label “Clean-Tec” strives to achieve a low impact on the environment and support all green building standards. A well selected group of products in key applications carry the Clean-Tec logo. This shows they exceed statutory requirements and meet green building standards, such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and HQE. This allows them to contribute to your green building certification, increase building efficiency and help to protect human health and the environment.

Our key initiatives relating to health, safety and the environment

Technology and products

Technology and products

Designed with productivity, safety and the environment in mind



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Occupational health and safety

Occupational Health and Safety

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