Bracket Fixing

The Hilti Solution

Anchor Fixing on Cracked Concrete

Hilti is a manufacturer of fastening products to a variety of cladding applications. We offers some innovative products to meet industry needs to increase design flexibility and ensure a higher level of productivity and safety. 

The HST3 stud anchor is the ideal fastener where safety is at stake, even in worse type of climatic and design conditions. It can be used for fixings all types of structures, for example in high rise buildings with high wind loads, cantilever structure, and high-load applications. 

It has European technical approval (ETA) for use in cracked and un-cracked concrete, and is also approved for use in tension zones, shock loading conditions, and fire. HST3 comes in several versions such as carbon steel, stainless steel and high corrosion resistant material. All the versions are made available to ensure the product suitability for coastal and non-coastal areas, and highly corrosive environment.

Cracked Concrete with HST3 Stud Anchor

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  • Cracked concrete with Stud Anchor HST3
  • Unmatched performance and safety in cracked and uncracked concrete. 
  • Fastening in facade, structural steel, steel columns, machinery, seismic bracing.
  • ETA approval for use in static loading and seismic loading in category C1 for non-structural elements and C2 for structural elements.
  • BZS approval for shock loading.
  • High corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor applications.

SafeSet System with HY200 + HIT-Z-R Rod

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  • Designed for heavy duty fastening with superior loading capacity
  • High performance in safety-relevant applications
  • SafeSet – an innovative Hilti solution that makes the cleaning process unnecessary.
  • Faster installation and increased productivity
  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • ETA approval for seismic action performance in categories C1 and C2.

Cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A36 with Dust Removal System

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  • Ideal for dustless drilling with a diameter range of up to 16mm
  • Cutting edge 4-carbide drill bit leading to less wear and an increased productivity

Precise Alignment and Leveling

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PR 3 Versatile Rotating Laser

  • Reliable device for aligning and leveling in slopes and squaring. For use in indoors and outdoors
  • Remote control for operation by one person
  • High speed of rotation for a very stable line
  • Built for jobsite conditions – water protected (IP56)
  • Easy power management with rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

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