Curtain Wall Attachment

Clearly Sustainable

The increasing use of cast-in anchor channels in facade construction demands a new approach in production technologies. in order to meet stringent requirements in terms of GREEN building in the long term, familiar manufacturing processes that involved unfavorable energy consumption will have to give way to much more energy-efficient processes. The materials used will also have to be replaced by more environmentally-friendly alternatives. 


With the new Hilti Cast-In Anchor Channel system, significantly more sustainable solutions can be realized in the construction industry. The production process employed by Hilti already saves more than 25% energy compared to previous processes.


Hilti is the first supplier in this product segment to publish an environmental product declaration (EPD) on the basis of the European Standard EN 15804, which has been officially verified. This declaration provides the basic data for the evaluation of the ecological quality of a building or structure as, for example, with LEED or BREEAM.


  • Components manufactured using the temperature-controlled rolled shaping (TCRS) process are characterized by their high-grade surface finish and high loading capacity, reducing material fatigue effects. This manufacturing process have been in use for decades in some of the most demanding industries such as vehicle and aircraft manufacturing.  
  • The filling material that keeps dirt and concrete slurry out of the channels can be disposed of very simply as it is environmentally harmless. It composed of an environmentally friendly LDPE foam strip with tear-out band and end caps. 
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HAC Corner Solution

  • New generation of cast-in anchor channels for face-of-slab corners
  • The new corner piece features two separate anchor channels with special anchors based on reinforcement bars that overcomes the shortcomings of existing solutions:
  • Easy installation through two separate channels
  • Parallel shear loads supported by standard channels combines with notched bolts HBC-C-N
  • The new assembly allows design based on existing codes such as CEN TS 1992-4 and codes for reinforced concrete including EC 2.
  • Integration in PROFIS Anchor Channel for easy design
  • Minimum corner distance

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