Hilti ON!Track asset management


For transparent equipment management: the Hilti ON!Track cloud-based solution

Where is the concrete mixer currently being used? How long will the diamond coring tool be needed at the building site? When does it have to be serviced? It can take a lot of time and energy to get the answers you need to routine questions. There’s also a lot at stake, because longer search times can mean additional costs. And if work, for example, cannot be completed without a certain tool, the original timetable might be put at risk.

Hilti ON!Track is a cutting-edge solution that offers a way out of the expensive and tedious “tool-management dilemma”. Thanks to our cloud-based software, every piece of available equipment may be recorded, registered, and efficiently managed.

Furthermore, rather than questions, ON!Track supplies you and your employees with answers – and reliable information. You know just what equipment is available at your building site, where it is, what condition it is in, and which employee is currently responsible for it. You also obtain useful data about how to optimize your equipment in the future.

Last but not least, Hilti ON!Track assists you when it comes to work safety: With the software, all the required and existing certificates, as well as maintenance and training dates, are easy to access. Get to know the facts on why Hilti ON!Track can help you increase your company's productivity.

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90 hours

spent searching
An average of 90 hours per month is spent on building sites searching for equipment.

65 %

difficulties with tracking
65 percent of all customers have a hard time keeping track of required certificates and maintenance dates.

6 Tools

go missing
About six pieces of equipment on average go missing per month.

50000 HKD

wasted on lost equipment
The average expense each year for lost equipment is around 50,000 HKD.


Hilti ON!Track asset management

Before ON!Track

  • Time-consuming equipment management: Equipment is tediously kept track of with notes, lists, or maps.
  • Lack of transparency: Employees have no reliable information on the location, use, or condition of the equipment.
  • High costs: Companies lose money on missing devices.
Hilti ON!Track asset management

With ON!Track

  • Increased availability and productivity: Equipment is managed transparently and easy to find.
  • Optimized processes: Equipment is managed conveniently thanks to user-friendly software and modern hardware.
  • Safety: Employees are able to keep track of required certificates and maintenance dates.

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