Why Hilti kitting services?

  • Less time spent sorting components on the jobsite
    All the components for your supports, including cut-to-length strut channels, are delivered in kits – ready to be assembled and installed
  • Less installation time
    Having all components ready to be assembled will reduce the installation time of your project
  • Less material waste
    Optimized, cut-to-length strut channels save waste from offcuts, while having kits with the right components will then reduce waste on your jobsite
  • Less storage space needed
    Kits delivered to your jobsite in special packing will reduce the space needed for storage
  • Less transportation costs
    Kits of components and cut to length channels reduce the transportation costs
Worker kitting and packing modular support systems

Service deliverables

  • Sorting of components per support – IFUs for single items
  • Cutting Hilti strut channels to length
  • Special packaging
  • Sequential delivery accordingly to project schedule
  • Labeling of pallets/kits
  • Price per kit/support