Schaan (FL), August 13, 2018 – A new phase of life began last week for some 24 young people at the Hilti Corporation as they began their apprenticeship studies in seven different disciplines.   

Their journey began when they were joined by the three new apprentices from Hilti Switzerland for a week of introductions at Hilti headquarters in Schaan and in Malbun, Liechtenstein where they got to know one another and began familiarizing themselves with the company. “This year we adapted the introductory week concept to better meet the needs of the younger generation, allowing the new apprentices, for example, to approach certain tasks using their smartphones. We also included more playful elements aimed at simplifying communication and the transfer of knowledge,” explained Remo Kluser, Head of Vocational Training at Hilti. He is particularly pleased “that we could convince so many youths to enter into a vocational training program. We were able to fill all of our available apprenticeship positions.”

In addition to focusing on working and presentation methods, the introductory program included a hike and the construction of a device that would safely transport an egg through the air without it breaking. The most successful group received an award. The coming years of vocational education will be no less diverse for the young apprentices. The second year has a focus on the independent organization of an aid project for Alpine farmers, while in the third year apprentices will organize and operate their own company, completing all tasks ranging from general management to production and marketing. Their education also calls for them to convey scientific experience and knowledge to younger students when visiting school classrooms or at Hilti’s science and invention events.