Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel software

Add Hilti’s expertise on anchor channels to your own, to design façades, lift shafts and other anchor channel applications.

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel design software is based on a wide range of design methods. It includes international codes ACI, EOTA, CEN, SA-TS101 or design using our own Hilti design methods based on more than 60 years of anchor fastening expertise and research.

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel design software helps to save you time:

  • Find solutions faster using our Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel’s geometry adjustment feature
  • Optimization functions help you to find the right solution for your application.
  • You can also input custom plates using the custom geometry function

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel is used all over the world and has designed core elements of major structures and skyscrapers in Hong Kong, China, the Middle East and the United States.

If you need help, we can also offer local Hilti engineering advice.

Or if you’re working on a particularly daring or innovative build – then our global engineers can support you. They can think through with you just how far you can safely take our Hilti anchor channels and solutions.