HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy mortar

Civil infrastructure is commonly designed for a lifetime of 100 years. This presents a challenge when we consider the primary international approvals for anchors (ETA in Europe and ERS in USA) are based on an assumed working life of 50 years.

When we look at the design life of a chemical anchor, for any duration, we must consider load resistance performance, displacement and durability. In the case of 50-year working life ETA documents, these are based on assessment to the European Assessment Document 'EAD-330499-00-0601- Bonded anchors for use in concrete' which includes assessment such as extrapolation of sustained load data to 50- years.

In October 2018, 'EAD 33-2077-06.01 Bonded fasteners for use in concrete with a service life of 100-years' was provisionally completed in Europe by EOTA. This new EAD follows a similar assessment approach as the 50-year working life EAD but typically with extended test durations and test cycles.

Hilti are pleased to announce that HIT-RE 500 V3 has been already assessed to this new standard and 'ETA 18/0745 for HIT-RE 500 V3 for use in concrete for a service life of 100 years' is now available.

For assistance on how to use this new data in your 100-year working life design please contact your local Hilti engineer or email our Technical Centre.