Electric diamond wall saw with exceptional power-to-weight ratio

Hilti DST 20-CA – No more separate electrical box required!

Hilti DST 20-CA electric diamond wall saw with no electrical box

Smart solution in a clever design

Hilti Electric diamond wall saw with remote control and no electrical box

The DST 20-CA diamond wall saw is the first wall saw in its performance class to feature fully integrated, intelligent electronics, eliminating the need for a separate electrical box.
With a maximum cutting depth of 73 cm, it covers the typical wall saw applications and provides a 30% increase in cutting performance compared to its predecessor.
This and the new compact design, make DST 20-CA exceptionally suited to fulfil all your cutting requirements for small and heavy-duty applications.

Hilti Electric diamond wall saw has more cutting power and starting torque

More power

30% more cutting power and 200% more starting torque compared to the DS TS20-E wall saw.

Hilti Electric diamond wall saw only one cable and no electrical box

Less cable

Reduces the risk of damage to cables and thus avoids unnecessary repair downtime.

Hilti Electric diamond wall saw is light with high power-to-weight ratio

Less weight

The new DST 20-CA wall saw belongs to the saws with the best performance-to-weight ratio in its class. Heavy items such as the electrical box and cable are no longer required.

Hilti Electronic cutting assistant for electric diamond wall saw

Electronic cutting assistant

The latest release of Cut Assist features a 15% increase in cutting speed as the cutting process is optimized and a new log function which keeps a record of every cut made.