Tool Pick Up Instructions for After Sales Service

How to guarantee the safety of all and optimize my repair pick-up



Each week, over 500 tools are picked-up and sent to our repair center. Tools are received, sorted, repaired and sent back in record time to meet the requirements of your jobsites.

Each step from the pick-up to the repair center is carried out by dedicated employees who handle and work on the various machines. These people are exposed to risks that can be avoided in advance and for which we can all take action.

Before the collection by the carrier, please help us by following these simple instructions:

The machine must be sent to after-sales service, in its box or cardboard packaging, without battery, charger or accessories.

Removing the accessories from your tools before sending them to the repair center considerably reduces the weight of the packages and limits the risk of back, arm or shoulder injuries for our repair service employees who handle your tools. Proper packaging would ensure a more seamless and compliant experience during transit/transportation.

Please send your tools to us without battery, charger and consumables. Hilti assumes no responsibility for any loss.

Request a tool repair

Vacuum cleaners must be sent to the repair center bagged and without the chamber

This limits the risks of dust dissemination and reduces the weight of the packages.    

Gas saws (DSH) must be sent to the repair center without gasoline in the tank

    Limits the risks for the carrier and our employees who have to handle the tool, empty them and store the used gasoline.