Firestop Specialty Contractor Program

At Hilti, we believe in helping to save lives through innovation and education. In 1998, Hilti created the Hilti Firestop Specialty Contractor Program to partner with contractors that specialize in the correct installation of firestop systems.

Through this program, FSCs receive opportunities for accreditation, education, industry wide updates, access to industry professionals, and quicker completion times on Engineering Judgments. 

Firestop Specialty Contractor (FSC)

A contractor who specializes in the installation of firestop systems in a construction project or building facility.

Hilti Firestop Specialty Contractor

A contractor who specializes in the installation of firestop systems in a construction project or building facility and has partnered with Hilti.

A contractor shall take all reasonable steps to ensure Hilti products are installed correctly, professionally and in accordance with the Hilti UL Listing, Intertek, Factory Mutual, FM, QAI or Engineering Judgment drawing for the specified application.


Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor*

A Hilti FSC who has differentiated themselves by completing the requirements for Hilti Accreditation.

Hilti Accredited FSCs have completed all requirements for Hilti accreditation, which includes, but is not limited to, training certificates for both management and field personnel, appointment of Key Responsible Contact (KRC), passing the Hilti KRC Fire Protection Exam, company attendance at Hilti FSC training in Texas and completed jobsite audits on file with Hilti each year. 

Why use Hilti Accredited FSCs on the jobsite?

For architects and specifiers

Get manufacturer-trained professionals who are knowledgeable about firestopping methods and quality installations

  • Allows tradespeople to focus on their area of expertise, leaving firestopping to firestop specialty contractors
  • Provide a single source contractor who is responsible for all firestop applications
  • Help promote easier inspection by officials who know and have greater trust in professional firestop installers
  • Increase your confidence that your firestopping is of higher quality by trained installers

As a contractor

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace

  • Degree of professionalism not offered by any other firestop manufacturer
  • Documented training activities for company employees including advanced topics not offered elsewhere
  • Ability for Hilti employees to recommend installer for construction bids and turn-key solutions based upon completion of formalized program
  • Marketing materials provided (i.e. Hilti Accredited FSC logo) to help identify the commitment and professionalism as a Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor
  • May allow for project specifications to be met for “manufacturer trained” or “accredited contractor” requirement

Benefits of joining our Hilti FSC Program

Access to industry professionals within Hilti (codes, testing, products, system designs, etc.)

Prioritized engineering judgements

Participation in Hilti events associated with construction conferences (i.e. FCIA)

Corporate and field-based training programs

Joint business reviews with local sales and technical teams

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Interested in joining our Hilti FSC program?

Requirements for joining:

  • Meet minimum firestop sales
  • Complete Advanced Installer Training with local Hilti Team

*Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractors are independent companies who have had employees participate in the Hilti firestop training program.