Why fire compartmentation matters

Understanding fire protection techniques can help save lives and safeguard your investment

The causes of fire outbreaks are varied, unpredictable and often outside the control of the building designer. This puts lives and assets at risk. What can be controlled, however, is the effect of fire once it has started – through active and passive protection systems. In this article, you’ll learn how Hilti’s expertise in passive fire safety worldwide can support you in all phases of your construction projects.

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Passive fire protection through building compartmentation

Effective fire compartmentation means sealing penetrations in floors and walls using suitable passive firestop devices. These devices, ranging from modular elements to putties and foams, help create a smoke-, flame- and water-resistant barrier which can assist in preventing a fire from spreading beyond the room where it starts. In this video, our expert will help you to understand the consequences and liability related to inadequate passive fire protection.

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Premium support for all building designers

Including fire protection early in the building design process is key to ensuring proper installation – saving time and simplifying coordination. This is a complex task, even for experienced professionals. At Hilti, we offer technical support, approval documentation, design software and special trainings to simplify your work.

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In-house testing for international approvals

At Hilti, we conduct thorough firestop tests in our in-house lab, following the most stringent international EN, ASTM/UL test standards and much more. Additional tests – including movement, seismic, acoustics and environmental – are carried out continuously on our pre-engineered, internationally approved solutions. Witness a real-life fire test from the inside of a testing furnace in this video.

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A partner with more than 30 years of experience

Whatever your project and your firestopping needs, Hilti’s worldwide network of experts can deliver solutions. Three decades of experience working with local codes and guidelines have equipped us to be your problem-solving partner on virtually any project, anywhere. Have a look in our state-of-the-art research, development, testing and production facilities.


  • Hilti 643 N Firestop Collars

    Firestop collars

    Retrofit firestop collar to help create a fire and smoke barrier around existing pipe penetrations

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    Hilti Firestop Sealants FS-ONE MAX

    Firestop sealants

    For plastic and metal pipes

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    Hilti Firestop composite sheet CFS-COS

    Firestop Composite Sheet

    Thin stainless steel firestop composite sheet ideal for sealing large openings

    Show me more
    Hilti firestop block CFS-BL

    Firestop blocks

    Preformed reusable soft blocks, easy to install and dismantle

    Show me more
    Hilti firestop mortar CP636

    Firestop mortar

    Permanent firestopping of cables, cable trays, and non-combustible pipes in medium to large wall and floor openings

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    Hilti firestop foam CP 660

    Firestop foam

    Rigid and fast-curing firestop foam with excellent water resistance to help create a fire, smoke and moisture barrier around cable and mixed penetrations

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    Hilti firestop joint spray CFS-SP WB

    Fire-rated joint spray seals construction joints

    Sealing building perimeter gaps between floor slabs and exterior façades

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