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An all-in-one solution for connection and fastening design

PROFIS Engineering Suite is user-friendly, cloud-based software that makes designing and analyzing structural connections faster and easier than ever.

Not just for anchors, PROFIS designs, calculates and analyses multiple fixings, including steel to concrete, concrete to concrete, and steel to masonry and baseplate solutions that are more reliable, more cost-effective and code-compliant. The software also comes with application-specific engineering training that enables you to unlock the full potential of PROFIS.

Benefits of PROFIS ENGINEERING at a glance

Vorschriften einhalten

Enable compliance

Get peace of mind knowing that your design will automatically meet local codes and approvals. As a leading manufacturer of anchors, interpreting codes and putting them to work is our key ambition. 

Genauigkeit verbessern

Improve accuracy

Manual input errors mean costly rework. Get it right the first time by importing load cases from structural analysis software, processing multiple loads simultaneously and building accurate BIM/CAD models.

Zeit sparen

Save time

Use templates to design connections in minutes. Don't waste time researching – let PROFIS spec the anchors instead. And speed up communication by granting your entire team access to the most recent file in the cloud.


Effizient lernen

Learn efficiently

Whether you are an experienced or a graduate engineer, our technical training – covering application basics and advanced modules – enable you to do fast, compliant designs.

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Anchoring to Concrete

Design complex and day-to-day structural baseplate connections

Use preset templates to design concrete fixings including post-installed and cast-in-place anchors, baseplates, welds and stiffeners quickly and accurately. With just a click you can analyze baseplates using CBFEM and perform rigidity checks to determine whether to adapt the design or the loads. Optimize fixture points and perform stress and strain checks – PROFIS considers applied loads such as seismic and fatigue and can find economical solutions for avoiding breakout using supplementary reinforcement. Smart baseplate design further simplifies your design process.

Generate a customized report complete with code references, calculations, product information and images.

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Post Installed Rebar

Everything you need to design post-installed rebar applications

Add or extend concrete elements whether you're working with existing rebar or missing starter bars. Solve concrete structural joints and splices, and then verify the shear resistance at the interface between the old and new concrete.

Need to adapt the layout or geometry of your PIR design? PROFIS lets you easily customize the diameter, embedment depth and spacing parameters for existing concrete as well as post-installed.

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Concrete Overlay

Design for concrete overlay and post-installed shear dowels

With PROFIS you can dimension post-installed shear connectors and verify the interface between the concrete cast at different times. Establish whether your design has edges or is symmetric, and then define different areas of acting shear. You'll know your designs are sound thanks to intuitive 3D graphics that show how stresses vary throughout the connection.

Ready for installation? PROFIS has already saved you time by optimizing the layout.

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Anchoring to masonry

Design masonry fixings more productively and accurately

PROFIS Engineering Suite can help you design accurate baseplate connections using masonry-approved anchors. Save time with intuitive built-in templates that combine your on-site data with factors such as allowable tension and shear loads while considering load reductions and geometry requirements.

Select from multiple sizes and types of brick or concrete masonry units, adjust their layout and define whether grout is present. You can even create your own templates to reduce design time on similar projects.

Select the Right Profis Engineering License for you

PROFIS Engineering Standard- Free

  • Built on the capabilities of its predecessor (PROFIS Anchor)
  • Available FREE of charge

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Stand-alone licence

Stand-alone licence - best for individuals

  • 1 user
  • Only one named user access at a time per license
  • RM 1,200/year

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Floating licence

Floating licence - best for medium-sized companies

  • Up to 40 users
  • Only one user access at a time per license
  • RM 1,350/year

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Engineering support

Engineering support

Our nationwide team of highly-trained Engineers will support you on the phone, in the office or on the job site. Wherever you need us. Our office based engineering team are also never more than a click or a call away to provide you with a competent solutions to your design challenges. With a vast array of backgrounds and experience, they can support you in every detail, from design to installation, for every Hilti product.

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