Hilti PROFIS Rebar 3D design software

Hilti PROFIS rebar 3D design software

Hilti PROFIS Rebar design software helps you design a wide range of rebar applications.

You can now design to EC2, Technical Report TR069 and Hilti design method.

Hilti PROFIS Rebar includes all Hilti rebar products – which are rigorously tested and approved, meeting the highest safety standards.

Hilti PROFIS Rebar also integrates seamlessly into AutoCAD® and Revit®, and links directly to our BIM/CAD library allowing you to insert any Hilti rebar model straight into your design.

Tap into the power of Hilti PROFIS Rebar to:

  • Handle large volumes of calculations
  • Design to the latest design codes and standards for range of applications.
  • Link straight to the Hilti BIM/CAD library – with 2D and 3D models of all Hilti rebar products and their technical data
  • Integrate seamlessly with AutoCAD® and Revit® design software
  • Quickly generate detailed technical reports – including approvals, product information and design methods

With simple and easy-to-use tools for designing, you can calculate:

  • Tension and compression lap splice lengths
  • Anchorage lengths for starter bars
  • Anchorage lengths for special rigid connections
  • Different loads – static, seismic, fire resistance and fatigue resistance
  • For different conditions – dry or wet concrete
  • For different drilling methods – hammer drilling or diamond drilling with or without a roughening tool