BX 3


Time to make the switch! BX 3 cordless fastening tool

In 2015, we launched the Hilti BX 3, the award-winning world’s first battery-powered direct fastening system which changed the game for fastening in concrete and steel. It’s a new dimension for installers of walls, ceilings and overhead services – bringing the only direct fastening tool that is combustion-free (no powder or gas!) and entirely powered by your existing 22V Lithium-Ion batteries. 

All the power you need, with none of the hassle of ordering, delivering and disposing of gas cans or cartridges onsite. Plus, low noise, low vibration, fewer nail jams and virtually no dust will help you be even more productive. And it’s smart! Do you need any more reasons to make the switch?


Make it fast! The Hilti BX 3 is designed to match the natural speed and rhythm needed for your application to help you power through projects.

Make it fast!

Speed matters. With a fastening rate of 1.3 fastenings per second, the BX 3 is fast! Its high magazine capacity and a long-lasting battery will have you powering through your serial fastening applications in no time.

Make it battery-powered!

The BX 3 fastening system is combustion-free (no powder or gas!) and entirely powered by your existing 22V Lithium-Ion batteries. One battery for all your tools – even your nailer.

Make it virtually maintenance-free! With no gas cans to change and no residue to clean, the BX 3 battery-powered nailer is virtually maintenance and hassle-free.

Make it virtually maintenance-free!

With no gas cans or cartridges to change, no residue to clean and no need for a special license, the BX 3 battery powered fastener is practically maintenance and hassle-free. So, you can throw away the cleaning kits, sprays, lubricants and accessories.

Make it comfy! Low noise, low vibration, virtually no dust - the BX 3 cordless nailer is as comfortable as a cappuccino.

Make it safe!

Low noise, low vibration, virtually no dust – the BX 3 is your choice for high-speed, high-comfort fastening. Plus, our tool is virtually dust-free and quiet, making it suitable for daytime use during business hours. 

make it versatile

Make it Versatile

With a broad range of nails and fastening clips, BX 3 02 battery powered nailer is the perfect addition to any interior finishing, electrical or mechanical contractor's cordless tool kit.


BX 3-ME-22

BX 3-ME for Mechanical & Electrical

Solution for installing overhead services

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BX 3 for Interior Finishing

Solution for installing walls and ceilings

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BX 3-BT for Oil & Gas

Solution for installing grating & checker plates

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The geared spring concept breaks through technical barriers and lays the foundation for this innovative and highly ergonomic tool.

Nailing into hard base materials requires high penetration forces which may be generated by impact. In an ergonomic hand-held tool, a fast piston driven by expanding gas (combustion gas or compressed air) usually does this.

In a battery nailer, the energy needs to be transferred from the battery to the piston movement very rapidly. While for very small driving energies this can be done by electrical coils directly, it is necessary to buffer the energy before releasing to the piston for higher energies.

Hilti’s ‘geared spring technology’ breaks these barriers by using 4 key elements:

  • Geared spring drive:         High efficiency in transforming slow spring movement to fast piston movement 
  • Belt drive:                          Light weight transmission
  • 2 counteracting springs:   Opposed movement of springs balanced for low recoil
  • Linear alignment:              Minimal weight by aligning spring and loading mechanism along the force flow

BX 3