Fast drilling in concrete - even when hitting rebar

Hilti TE-YX concrete drill bits, with a new head design featuring six cutting edges, as well as the established model with four cutting edges

Hilti TE-YX drill bits for concrete drilling
Hitting rebar costs roughly two-thirds of the time when drilling in reinforced concrete

About one-third of all construction site drilling activity involves hitting a rebar, but this takes up about two-thirds of the actual drilling time. Depending on how the rebar is struck, this process could take an additional few minutes when simply drilling a single hole. If the bit catches or jams, the only way to continue drilling is with a great deal of time and effort. The danger of the bit jamming rises greatly when drilling large diameter holes. The loss of time can quickly add up to several hours during serial drilling, creating a domino effect and delaying work down the line.  

See how Hilti drill bits make a difference when hitting rebar

Lose less time when hitting rebar and drill faster in concrete

Hilti TE-YX drill bit with six cutting edges

The first of its kind, the Hilti TE-YX with six cutting edges

The new design means business when hitting rebar, either directly or partially. It has six cutting edges on the bit head, thereby minimizing time-consuming glancing rebar hits when a bit is likely to jam. Thanks to the head’s six cutting edges the bit always has a sufficient hold on the material and any rebar.

Advantages at a glance

  • Saves needed time when hitting rebar
  • Long lifetime
  • Weight-optimized bit for prolonged usage
  • First drill bit for concrete having a head with six cutting edges
  • Wear mark
  • Hole diameters between 35 – 55 mm
  • SDS Max connection end 
Hilti TE-YX drill bit with four cutting edges

New Hilti TE-YX with four cutting edges

The proven TE-YX concrete drill bit has been further developed by Hilti engineers. The requirements made of drill bits are different than in the past as concrete composition has also changed. Until now concrete use was largely limited to the C30 strength class. But other, higher-strength classes are now regularly used. Hilti developers have reacted to this with new material compositions that have resulted in an even more robust bit head, allowing for rapid progress when drilling a hole, even when hitting rebar.

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimized hard metal cutting edges for aggressive drilling progress
  • New bit head geometry for rapid progress even when hitting rebar
  • Long lifetime
  • Wear mark
  • Hole diameters from 18 – 32 mm
  • SDS Max connect end

Alternative for installation work when penetrating walls or decks

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Drill holes up to 55 mm diameter.

The TE-YX drill bit with six cutting edges also makes it possible to drill holes for pipes or conduits up to 55 mm in diameter. This can be very helpful if a Hilti diamond core bit is unavailable.

Hilti TE-YX for all drill hammers using the SDS Max connection

TE 70 hammer drill with SDS Max chuck

The TE-YX drill bit with six cutting edges is suitable for use with Hilti’s TE 70-AVR heavy-duty combihammer. The classic TE-YX bit, with four cutting edges, is ideally used with the TE 50-AVR combihammer.

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  • Hammer drill bit

    TE-YX drill bit with six cutting edges

    Best for concrete drilling and rebar hits. Available from 35 mm to 55 mm.

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    Hammer drill bit

    TE-YX drill bit with four cutting edges

    Smaller diameters and fast drilling through rebar. Available from 18 mm to 32 mm.

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