The Hilti TE 3-CL and TE 3-ML rotary hammer drills are designed to work hard and last long.

Our TE 3 range features corded rotary hammer drills that can live up to the toughest jobsite expectations. With a robust design, powerful motor and advanced cooling technology, they can last up to 80% longer than their closest competitors.

The TE 3-CL and the TE 3-ML can handle insert diameters from 5-28 mm, with optimal hammer drilling performance from 5-16 mm. Both have a powerful chipping function for corrective chiselling, while the TE 3-ML comes with an interchangeable chuck that extends its applications to drilling in metal and wood.


Hilti TE 3-CL hammer drill lasts long under extreme conditions
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Long-lasting under extreme conditions

Even with heavy usage and an unstable power supply, the TE 3-CL and TE 3-ML easily outrun other drills in their class. This is thanks to a reliable motor with high overload capacity, robust housing and our innovative long-lasting hammering mechanism with Hilti cooltec technology.

Hilti TE 3-ML hammer drill with its powerful motor
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High performance

The powerful motor in our TE 3 drills performs impressively, helping you get the job done fast. The pistol grip body makes the tool easy to handle.

Hilti TE 3-ML and TE 3-CL rotary hammer with robust metal depth gauge
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Precision and comfort

The TE 3-CL and TE 3-ML both feature a robust metal depth gauge that enables millimetre-accurate drilling with confidence. They also come with a convenient dust collector that simply clicks on to the tool. It stops dust and fragments from falling on your face when drilling overhead.

Hilti rotary hammers with active cooling technology
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Cool by design – the same great tool now stays cooler and lasts longer

Our cooltec technology extends the life of the tool by preventing it from overheating, even when used intensively for prolonged periods. An optimized hammering mechanism with reduced friction means less heat is created, while the new airflow system – initially designed for Hilti’s big combihammers – actively cools the internal parts and reliably limits the maximum temperature.


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Our unique Lifetime Service policy gives you peace of mind when it comes to the cost of ownership. We offer up to one year of no-cost repairs, thereafter a cost limit on repairs for the lifetime of the tool, and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.