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Abrasive Discs

Find out how our abrasive discs are designed for high productivity and a long lifetime when cutting, grinding and polishing metal

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Abrasive Discs

Discover our new range of metal cutting and grinding discs

Developed with productivity and high performance in mind, our expanded abrasive portfolio has you covered, from cutting the toughest of metals to stock removal, beveling, weld removal, blending, polishing, and more.

With our extensive portfolio and multi-line approach of Ultimate, Premium and Standard, you can more easily determine what level of abrasive is right for your projects. Whether you need maximum productivity, longer life, faster cuts or removal, or something with more versatility, Hilti’s large and small abrasive portfolios have you covered.

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Metal grinding and finishing

Abrasive solutions

From cutting to grinding, Hilti’s abrasive discs bring faster removal rates, longer life and more efficiency to any fabrication shop or jobsite.

Whether it's a small area using a 100mm grinder with Hilti's standard of reliability for everyday use, the choice is clear. Our Premium SP abrasive discs for a great balance of speed and durability.

One line of consumables to meet your needs

Premium performance for a wide range of applications

Premium performance for a wide range of applications

  • High productivity through Hilti system solutions
  • Impressive versatility and reliability
Angle Grinders


Cut, grid, and polish across a variety of metal and concrete applications with advanced features..

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