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This page is an internal platform for Hilti employees to resolve their questions on A2 ECC team and processes, or any technical questions on anchor and rebar applications.
Tough problem? No problem

Tough Problem? No Problem

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Which MO will be supported by A2 ECC?

A2 ECC will support the following MOs


How can I contact A2 ECC team for posting the design query?

1.  Visit your MO REDi page and click on the A2 ECC tab.

2. You will be directed to A2 Engineering Services REDi page. Select the required service and you will be directed to the respective HOL page for the design query form.

3.  Fill in all the details in the form and submit your enquiry.

4.  You will be contacted by the ECC team member with any additional data required for the design.

Which are the services/solutions can I request from ECC team?

•  Anchor design

•  Rebar design

•  Fire Protection Engineering Judgement UL

•  Technical resolution on PE

•  Other technical solutions on BU Anchor Hardware, software & services

What documents will I receive from ECC team as design output?

•  Cover letter including summary of request and input details

•  Detailed bill of material per application

•  Complete software calculation report per application

•  CAD file drawing per application (only for Anchor Design)

•  PROFIS software design file per application

•  Specification text

 How will my request to ECC to be prioritized?

•  Priorities will be given for the design requests from VIP specifiers/customers defined as per CRM/ByD.

•  ECC will work on the requests on the First Come First Serve basis for all standard specifiers/customers.

What is the response time or time promise from ECC team?

•  ECC team will respond to you within 24 hours as first response to acknowledge your enquiry. Subsequently, ECC will provide you the estimated time required for designing the application. Accordingly, you can respond to the specifier on the project submission time frame.

Where is the ECC team located?

•  A2 ECC team is located in HAITS office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may always contact the ECC team through your MO REDi page – A2 ECC or using the email address or hotline number xxxxxxxxxxx

What if I have a technical question but not a design calculation query?

•  You may also post a question using this platform by clicking on the link below. This question will be e-mailed to ECC team and you will receive your answer from ECC team.