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The power to unleash your performance

No petrol. No cords. Nuron delivers 100+ heavy-duty tools on one flexible cordless platform

The power to drill, cut or break almost anything, anywhere

Heavy-duty cordless

No need to switch power sources for heavy-duty tasks. Wherever you're working, you can take the battery from a rotary hammer and plug it into a concrete breaker.

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Uncompromising performance

Nuron tools are designed to handle even the most challenging tasks. Nuron delivers maximum battery performance similar to corded or petrol powered tools.

Streamlined tool management

Nuron helps save you time, money and hassles with complete battery compatibility across your projects and seamless, cloud-connected tool-management services.

Emphasising on safety first

We've increased the number of cordless power tools with safety solutions ranging from dust control systems to built-in technologies that help prevent kickbacks.

whatever the application, nuron has you covered


Switch between cutting rebars, serial hole drilling or even chemical filling on a single cordless platform that does not compromise on your team's performance.

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The formwork application has many steps, and with that comes many opportunities to simplify, speed up and even eliminate steps. 

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Whether you are doing controlled or uncontrolled demolition, choose the right tools and inserts to help you get the job done in the fastest time.


Baseplate connections are used in beams & columns, temporary supports, platforms and many others. Having the right tools means having one less thing to worry.

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The power to make construction better

Control tools and costs

Choose from a wide selection of tools, access tools on demand, and get help tracking, repairing and replacing tools, all at a fixed cost.

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Optimize equipment value

Track and monitor any tool or device, schedule maintenance and repairs, and gain insights into your equipment usage with ON!Track.

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Optimize tool performance

A tool is only as good as its bit or blade. By choosing the right accessory, you'll benefit from a system designed to increase tool productivity.

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