Transforming a tobacco factory into a major Cultural Center

Hilti jobsite reference tabakalera San Sebastián Spain

The challenge

Hilti jobsite reference tabakalera San Sebastián Spain

Tabakalera used to be a tobacco factory, but to celebrate San Sebastián’s role as Capital of European Culture 2016, it was transformed into a massive new Center for Contemporary Culture.

But it’s a huge building, and the aim was to create 30,000 mof space for exhibitions, cinemas, media archive and even a hotel. The whole project cost 50 million Euros.

The whole purpose of the building changed and so new floors, new interior areas and a totally new glass roof was built.

The ceilings were made out of lots of different materials, such as old steel beams, hollow slabs, composite slabs and traditional concrete slabs.

Our Hilti solution

We solved this by using our Hilti MQ System to support all the necessary technical installations and we supplied more than 14,000 meters of our Hilti MQ channel system.

Our Hilti direct fastening technologies were used to fasten the channel system directly to steel structures and our Hilti HUS screw anchor was the solution we found for fastening in concrete.

After four years of construction, the Tabakalera opened in 2015, well in time for San Sebastián’s year as Capital of European Culture.